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Special Needs Planning

Discover our specialty within our practice. Special Needs Planning is a unique journey where we plan for two generations instead typically one. We focus on planning for common concerns that are associated with disabilities, and we connect with specialists who provide strength and support through their knowledge and resources. 

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Government Programs


Families with children who have disabilities have a focus that is very different from that of other families. Rather than planning for the care and expenses of children until they are old enough or educated enough to support themselves, families with children who have disabilities very often focus on the more difficult problem of how to meet the child’s need throughout his or her lifetime. We cover different programs that are available and created for all abilities nationwide. 


ABLE Accounts


Living with disabilities can be associated at times with significant amounts of extra expenses. The ABLE Act was created so those who qualify can now have access to tax advantaged savings accounts that can fund disability and other qualifying expenses. 

We can compare plans offered nationwide to determine which fit your needs the best.

Take a look at our Able Account Pamphlet below: