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Tax Strategies

What is Tax Diversification?

The practice of saving for retirement through a variety of retirement vehicles with different tax treatments. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, you spread your saving out among types of accounts to minimize your tax bill as much as possible. 

How much are you withholding per paycheck? Is this amount too little or too much?

We have several resources in personal income tax preparation and planning that will identify the tax-saving approaches that apply to your situation. We work with you throughout the year, not just when it’s time to prepare your return.

Do you want to find out how you can reduce your tax burden?

You might be able to save on taxes by:

  • Restructuring your investment portfolio to produce a higher after-tax return
  • Shifting income to dependents in a lower tax bracket
  • Claiming appropriate home office deductions
  • Maximizing qualified plan and IRA contributions
  • Identifying all the deductions that apply to your small business